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At Balaxi, we have built an effective distribution network that helps us to effortlessly take our products to different markets while following an asset-light business model. Once identified our target markets and after a rigorous study, we develop our products by working with reliable outsourcing partners for high quality and reliability and registering these products within our respective multiple target markets. To introduce our products and bring them within the reach of people in our markets, we rely on our well-established distribution operations that enable to us to take our products to the end consumer. We have around 38 warehouses aggregating to 2,30,000 Square Feet and a fleet of vehicles to augment last-mile delivery. 

We maintain a rigorous supply chain flow to build our stocks in our own warehouses within our respective markets and cater to the marketplace strictly on an inventory-based (stock and sell) model.

Our on-the-ground fleet gives us the advantage of supporting the market demand with just-in-time-delivery and helps us maintain strong margins driven by our high service-levels.