We understand the importance of healthy snacking to satisfy inbetween-the-meals hunger without having to worry about nutrition. Therefore, we have introduced delicious and healthy snacks that are made into lip-smacking recipes using only the best and highest quality ingredients.

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Nice 45 G

The pleasing aroma of coconut coupled with the sweetness of sugar is a heavenly combination in itself. It pairs exceptionally well with coffee or milk. You may also try it with ice-tea during summer for a fresh feel. Filled with the real nutrients of coconut, the biscuit has high nutritional value to enrich your health.


Branded Biscuits

Guloso 45 G

“Enthusiasm, Liveliness and Energy is the literal meaning of Zing. Filled with Glucose, the biscuit stands for its name. Tiffin or Snacks, a bite of Glucose just makes you go zing. A great tasty crunchy biscuit rich in glucose that provides instant energy to the body.”  

Branded Biscuits

Snax! 42 G

These salt biscuits will take your snacking experience to a whole new level. Crispy, light and salty, this is a perfect cracker to satisfy your day time hunger pangs. Pro Tip: You can also top up these biscuits with exotic spices and vegetables to make it a complete evening snack.

Branded Biscuits

Doce E Sal 42 G

Have you ever wondered what happens when two contrasting flavours come together? You get something that is scrumptiously sweet and salty. Due to its distinctive flavours, this is a perfect tea time companion for people of all age groups.

Branded Biscuits

Yumm 75 G

The pleasure of savouring your favourite cream filled biscuits is out of the world. This emotion is rightfully carried by our ‘Yumm’ cream biscuits. Rich in taste and quality, it comes with a durable packaging to keep the product safe and edible for a longer shelf life. Orange flavoured creamy temptations sandwiched between crispy, flavoured shells. Yumm Orange Ecstasy is out of the world

Branded Biscuits